Miguel Angel – artist, Colombia

Miguel Angel is one of the most positive body painting artists I know. He loves what he does – sculpting, painting and speaking. I love the way he speaks, informatively, copiously and rapidly. It looks like he is talking to the whole world at once, but when he hears your question he stops everything, thinks about it quietly and answers you personally.


Lora bodyart

Miguel has great acting talent, and if he was not such an accomplished artist he would certainly be an actor.

He wrinkles his nose, frowns, growls, roars, and takes on an intimidating expression, all while his eyes remain pleasant and kind.


Lora bodyart Lora bodyart


I enjoy his paintings, his calm style, and the thin lines of his sketches. I enjoy how he explores the right shade of color by diversely mixing a variety of colors, and I enjoy his ability to tame free thought into a concrete painting, in which he finds the only answer to a possible “equation.”

Artists develop throughout the years, each in his or her own pace. Miguel shows great potential for such evolution because he is in the process of learning of how to work with raw materials to create new forms.1


Lora bodyart


Masks are his new hobby. He sculpts, smoothes, flexes, pulls, and presses them with his fingers. The Eva foam “sings” in his hands and he constantly learns new techniques.


Lora bodyart


It is no secret that artists learn from each other. At first, when you’re just learning a new technique, it seems like imitation, but with time, each artist creates their own unique style according to their own personality, their unique touch, the imagery and characters dominating their creative world, and their audience.

Miguel teaches the 3D style. He has a gallery of paintings that focus on faces and it is as creative and sensitive as he is. He teaches the art of mask design, a complex skill of creating masks from a special fabric combined with the art of handling the material. This is just like the art of producing sounds from musical instruments.


Lora bodyart


I invite you to join us and learn this amazing art form!


Body artist: Miguel Angel
Pole dance: Anjelica Losk
Assistant : Virginia Vera
Production by Lora Tulchinski
Editor : @horned_n_heavy
Music by @ivanreysss

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