Matteo Arfanotti

Matteo Arfanotti is an architect and bodypainting artist from Italy.

Matteo participates in many artists’ competitions, and he is also a judge at competitions, a gifted teacher, and a totally enchanting person.

More than once he has won the prestigious prizes of the World Bodypainting Festival.  I met him at one of the artist’s classes at the festival in Austria and since then I have been an enthusiastic participant in his workshops.

I enjoy keeping in touch with him in between as well, when I manage to meet him between his extensive travels and his workshops.


Lora art


Matteo has a special style of image creation.  It’s a specific, unique, and mature style.  He has a characteristic “handprint” revolving around the relationship between the shadows on the color scale.  In his workshops he uses his knowledge of light and shadow to teach how to create three-dimensional paintings.  He teaches effects of concavity and convexity, drips or drops of water, saliva, blood, fat, and also the weaving of fibers.

When Matteo teaches, he touches on the foundations of painting and draws the students’ attention to the realistic lighting of objects, the play of light and shadow, reflections of smooth convex surfaces or opaque depths of concave surfaces.


Lora art


Matteo is the one who invented the connection of the head covering that blends into the skin to become a whole, integral image.


Lora art


Besides being a body painting artist, he also owns a branded line of bags that carry his world of images and fantasies, painted by him personally on each bag.


Lora art


His images are identifiable and special, with many toothy dolls, clowns, wounded vampires, bloodthirsty demons, and at the same time amazing magnified flowers, flowing water, twining braches, and episodes of nature.  All his images are incorporated into the human body, wonderfully colorful like the stuff of fairytales.

Judge for yourself.


Lora art Lora art Lora art


More pictures from this magnificent artist can be find in his facebook page

Matteo will be arriving in Israel on January 19th, 2018, to pass along his knowledge at a special artist’s workshop in Holon.

You’re invited to attend and experience his magic.

Admission: 280 NIS

For registration, send an email to or call 03-5582050.

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