Miguel Angel – artist, Colombia

Lora bodyart

Miguel Angel is one of the most positive body painting artists I know. He loves what he does – sculpting, painting and speaking. I love the way he speaks, informatively, copiously and rapidly. It looks like he is talking to the whole world at once, but when he hears your question he stops everything, thinks about it quietly and answers you personally.   Miguel has great acting talent, and if he was not such an accomplished artist he would certainly be an actor. He wrinkles his nose, frowns, growls, roars, and takes on an intimidating expression, all while his eyes remain pleasant and...

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Matteo Arfanotti

Lora art

Matteo Arfanotti is an architect and bodypainting artist from Italy. Matteo participates in many artists' competitions, and he is also a judge at competitions, a gifted teacher, and a totally enchanting person. More than once he has won the prestigious prizes of the World Bodypainting Festival.  I met him at one of the artist's classes at the festival in Austria and since then I have been an enthusiastic participant in his workshops. I enjoy keeping in touch with him in between as well, when I manage to meet him between his extensive travels and his workshops.     Matteo has a special style of image creation.  It's...

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